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Hello, I'm Bill Elam. My wife Sandra and I have three sons: William, James, and Andrew. We are blessed to be able to call the Kenai Peninsula our home. We love Alaska and want to see it be a place where our boys will want to raise their families. 


It has been an honor to serve you, the residents of the Kenai, as a Kenai Peninsula Borough Assemblyman. During my tenure on the Assembly, I have chaired the Lands and Legislative Committees. I have also served as the Assembly liaison to the Kenai Peninsula School District, Road Services, Central Emergency Services, and the Eastern Peninsula Highway Emergency Services.


I have been a consistent conservative voice on the Kenai. I believe that we should live within our means with a balanced budget and limited government.


I support industry, small business, and traditional conservative values. And I'm asking for your vote to serve you in the Alaska House.


As Alaskans, we have a fierce sense of independence; we value our freedoms, and we have the courage to pursue our dreams in one of the world's wildest and most beautiful places. I want to do my part to help preserve this way of life while still pursuing opportunities for future generations of Alaskans.

As a community, we need to be good stewards of our resources. We need to take care of our roads and schools while living within our means. My goal is to find solutions that provide us with the schools and roads that we need but to be able to do so responsibly so that it doesn't leave future generations with debt and economic burdens. We also need to provide a safe means of travel on our roads and highways. I am committed to ensuring that the vital infrastructure on the Kenai Peninsula is always a priority.

Core Values

  • Limited Government

  • Small Business

  • Economic Development and Industry

  • Traditional Conservation Values

  • Balanced Budgets


A Proven Local Conservative Voice 

  • Standing for Balanced Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility

  • Fighting for Election Integrity and Clean Voter Roles

  • Putting Alaska and the Kenai First

  • Supporting Industry and Resource Development


 I will be effective in creating change and working for a better Alaska here on the Kenai Peninsula and across the state of Alaska.

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